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Virginia Madsen responds to Swamp Thing!

It has been some days since the news came down, as cold and quick as the first announcement during episode ten. I’ve sat with this news without responding because I wanted to weigh my words carefully and speak only to you. Like you, I have combed through the many articles and followed as much social media as I could without crying into a bag of fast food. And still, I don’t get it. None of us do. There seems to be enough blame going around so I’m not going to talk about that. And frankly, my opinion will not be heard or make a difference to anyone we like to call “The Suits.” Here’s what’s more important. You. The Fans. The supporters. The ones so loyal who sit and watch and believe in our stories. Any of you who have followed me for all these years and those who are new, know that it’s no picnic working in my business. You know that I am no stranger to disappointment. Man, I’ve had more than my fair share. Once my job is done, I never know what they will do with the show. I learned early on that the MOST important part of film making is film making. I learned to be present. Embrace my coworkers and fully enjoy the experience of working every single day. That’s the best part. And it’s why I’ve done it for so many years. I’ve stayed in a business that many times can treat me badly or disregard me. But I will not give up. I’m going to keep going no matter how many times I feel a bad decision has been made – and in this case – a decision that effected hundreds and hundreds of jobs and local businesses in North Carolina. What an amazing crew we had indeed. We all have disappointment in common. No matter what business we are in or where we live. Another thing we have in common is the ability to strive. And so we shall. Onward!

With gratitude,

Ps. I encourage you to keep watching the rest of Swamp Thing because we all worked very hard to make it the best Thing ever. Also, it’s awesome.


3 comments on “Virginia Madsen responds to Swamp Thing!”


    I’m sorry… are by far the most beautiful, extravagant,down to earth young lady!! No harm meant but damn…….you rocked my world in 1984 Kenny loggins video. Wow

  2. Cody L Peters says:

    Sorry. No option to just post a comment. I am not on social media, believe it or not. But just want to say I am not bi-sexual or lesbian. But consider Virginia Madsen to be one of the most beautiful women ever born and still as beautiful as the first movie I saw her in…..Fire With Fire.

  3. Robert Blake Kessler says:

    I have only seen you in The Magic of Belle Isle, which invited (okay, made) viewers to fall in love with your multitalented ingenue Charlotte, as Morgan Freeman’s character did. Your thoughful comments here will make me find Swamp Thing and more. Thanks.

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