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Let’s Go to the Movies with Virginia Madsen

•• Follow along as actress and movie fanatic Virginia Madsen is offered the opportunity to screen any film from the Academy Film Archive, then watches and analyzes with actor Nick Holmes the Oscar-winning movie “Network”.

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One comment on “Let’s Go to the Movies with Virginia Madsen”

  1. Paul Booth says:

    Who do we talk to pitch interviewing Ms. Madsen. I do not name drop, but can say I have interviewed Oscar Winners, nominees, famous actors, actresses and ONLY IF ASKED AND WAS ABSOLUTELY necessary, would I reveal that one interview subject has worked very close with her and I got to work as crew for well, mutual associates. I do not like the LA name drop thing, I just LOVE movies and write for a magazine with over 1 million readers in less than year one. I cover film festivals including Turner Classic Movies and Newport Beach. I can explain more if asked, NO ego and I dislike talking about me. I think an interview would be great, given the other actors, directors, crew, actresses I have interviewed.

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