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Virginia Madsen joins cast of “A Change of Heart”

•• New movie project for Virginia Madsen has been confirmed. She has joined the cast of new flick produced by Emilio Estefan and based on a story he created “A Change Of Heart”, the already announced cast are Aimee Teegarden, James Belushi, Dawn Olivieri, Cody Horn and latin stars William Levy, Gloria Estefan and Eduardo Yáñez. The film is directed by Kenny Ortega, already filming in Miami. Please check back for further information about this movie.


One comment on “Virginia Madsen joins cast of “A Change of Heart””

  1. Mark says:

    Hi Virginia,

    I happened to be watching Carol Alt’s show on FOX News where you and she discussed menopauise. Given that I am a guy about 6 months older than you, a lot of the women I meet are dealing with that issue. I can’t say the show told me anything revolutionary, but it did provide a couple of clues.

    I love the quote of yours on this Web page, “I always voted in every election I possibly could since I was 18 years old.” That says more good things about you than you might imagine.

    — Mark

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