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02 Aug 2012

Virginia Madsen joins cast of indie film “Jake Squared”

•• Virginia Madsen and Elias Koteas have signed on to Jake Squared. Koteas will play the title character, a filmmaker whose self-examination movie spins out of control. The Oscar nominated Madsen plays Beth, Jake’s confidant. The film is written and directed by Howard Goldberg, a Sundance Institute Fellowship recipient. Koteas, Goldberg and David K. Wilson are producing the indie. Shelley H. Surpin and Howard Himelstein are executive producing.

Elias Koteas and Virginia Madsen star in a surreal comedy about a filmmaker who decides to make a movie to help figure out out how he’s managed to screw up every relationship he’s ever had. But, the filming spirals out of his control and he has what’s either a mystical experience, a total nervous breakdown, or both, as his past selves and past loves literally and hysterically catch up with him.

28 Jul 2012

Chicago Native Virginia Madsen returns home for special screenings!!

•• Oscar nominated actress and Chicago native Virginia Madsen joined Good Day (Fox Chicago News) to speak on hosting special screenings of “Sideways” and “The Magic of Belle Isle” in Naperville and Woodridge.