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Happy 58th Birthday, Virginia Madsen!

Virginia Madsen celebrates her 58th birthday today and we at her official website would like to wish her a very Happy Birthday!! Please stop by and leave your birthday wishes by commenting here or write them at her official facebook page so Virginia can read them all!


7 comments on “Happy 58th Birthday, Virginia Madsen!”

  1. Jonathan Landau says:

    How are you still so hot after all these years? Impressive stuff, Ms. Madsen. Do you get back to Wilmington much?

  2. Jim Beazley says:

    Wishing you a glorious happy birthday today. Enjoy all your work on the screen. you are a beauty! Thanks . Jim

  3. Happy Birthday, Most Beautiful and Lovely, Virginia! I hope you have a BLESSED day and year ahead!

  4. Tallen Palmerit says:

    Hey, belated Happy Birthday. I was a big fan of yours, and your brother too, but I have seen anything with you in it for years. Well anyway, All the Best!

  5. John A Ruch says:

    Happy belated birthday! I guess you hear from all the people that share your birthday on your birthdays. I to am a 9/11 baby I live in an apt building where my friend Justin’s son Camran was also born on 9/11. I love your work and hope your enjoying being born under the most misunderstood sign, but I after a long time embrace being a Virgo! Keep up the good work it makes me smile 😉

  6. Thomas says:

    I have always believed that you are the most beautiful lady on this earth. Hope you had a happy birthday. Just like fine wine. XOXO

  7. Dennis says:

    Happy belated birthday Virginia, you’re the best! I’d love to meet you sometime soon. My birthday wish!
    Sincerely, Dennis LaMarr- 610-513-9339

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