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The 2009 Virginia Madsen Birthday Project!

As you all know Virginia’s birthday is coming up soon, as in less two months, September 11, so to pay tribute to her and celebrate her upcoming birthday, I decided to lauch her first birthday project.

You can also donate to Charity Water through Virginia’s profile. Here’s the link:

This birthday project is for all her fans from all around the world to gather together, make a collective and creative effort to wish Virginia a very happy birthday. We are going to put together an online Birthday Project that consists of your videos, letters, poetry, fanarts and photographs inspired by Virginia Madsen, with the only purpose to to give something in return for all entertainment that she has provided us throughout the years, so let’s show Virginia how much we love her!!  Remember the most important is being creative and speak from the heart. ♥♥

If you would like to know further details, please click here if you would like to submit your birthday message.

Deadline is September 09,2009.


One comment on “The 2009 Virginia Madsen Birthday Project!”

  1. Fred Cotten says:

    Hello Virginia from North Carolina! I watched “Creator” tonight. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it. I’ve been a fan of yours since the eighties and particularly enjoyed “Sideways.” I decided to look you up on Wikipedia to review your filmography and that’s how I connected to your website.

    I hope you have a great birthday celebration in September. Wow, it’s just around the corner! Another year wiser! I’m right there with you. If you ever make it to N.C. I would enjoy meeting you o’er a cuppa Joe.

    On September 11th take a deep breath, close your eyes, make a special wish and extinguish those candles!

    Best Wishes and Happy Birthday!!!
    Fred Cotten

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