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Happy 52nd Birthday, Virginia Madsen!

•• Virginia Madsen celebrates her 52nd birthday today and we at her official website would like to wish her a very Happy Birthday!! Please stop by and leave your birthday wishes by commenting here or write them at her official facebook page so Virginia can read them all!



2 comments on “Happy 52nd Birthday, Virginia Madsen!”

  1. Bill Bethel says:

    Dear Ms. Madsen,
    I wanted to send along a belated Happy Birthday to you. I first was introduced to your acting in Sideways but the started to seek out other acting accomplishments. To me, you appear to do your job with such ease, one needs to remember that you are acting a part. I wish continued success in your career.
    Kindest Regards,

  2. Barbara Singer says:

    Happy birthday beautiful lady. Enjoying you in D S

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