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The Event: Interview with Virginia Madsen

The Event will return for the remainder of its first season this Monday at 8 p.m. for a two-hour premiere on NBC. Make sure to watch these two duke it out in the Oval Office. If you’re taking bets, I’m not putting money down anywhere. One’s the president and all, but from the sounds of it, that senator’s got something up her sleeve. Stay tuned to find out what. The Event airs Mondays on NBC.

Keshaunta Moton for You two star on NBC’s The Event. So Blair, how is it being President?
Virginia Madsen: (laughs) Yeah, I saw that. There’s a whole protocol around you. You’re very presidential. I think you could be president, for real. I’ll campaign for it.

Poptimal: I’ll vote for you. And Virginia you play Senator Catherine Lewis. Can you tell me how it felt for you to join an already established series?
Virginia Madsen: I was a fan of the show. I’ve watched every episode since the pilot. So I felt, the first day, very nervous being around everybody. But I was so excited to be a part of it. Walking into the Oval Office, it was so realistic. But being a senator and having my hair all tucked up and everything it took a little bit for me to step into her shoes.Poptimal: And do you find that you take your roles off-screen as well? Do you walk around off-set like you’re president?
Virginia Madsen: I don’t know, but I’m a method actor.

Poptimal: What does Catherine bring to the show that wasn’t there before?
Virginia Madsen: I think I cause a lot of trouble for you. That part’s really fun.

Poptimal: And what’s coming up for the remaining episodes of this season?
Virginia Madsen: I kind of hold all the secrets of the aliens; who they are, where they are. And this two hour [episode] coming up is just so exciting. It’s full of action and suspense and great drama. It’s wonderful storytelling. Even if you didn’t watch the other episodes earlier on it holds you off.

Poptimal: Any secrets from the season?
Virginia Madsen: The aliens, they’re originally from here.

Poptimal: Are there any of your mannerisms that you find pop into your characters?
Virginia Madsen: I had to be less fidgety as a senator of Alaska. I had to be more conservative, somehow. So my physicality is a little different for this character.

Poptimal: What do you love about The Event?
Virginia Madsen: Particularly I like Blair. I like the scenes I do with Blair. And there’s just a wonderful atmosphere. As he said, it’s very fast-paced which took some getting used to. But it’s really fun to go to work everyday.

Poptimal: You both have long and distinguished careers, is there anything that still manages to surprise you about acting, or even your characters?
Virginia Madsen: I love going to work. I think the first thing to start a new job –  it’s still hard for me to sleep the night before. There’s always something new that happens; always something new to learn.

Poptimal: I want to thank you both for taking the time to speak with us.
Virginia Madsen: Thank you.