ABC’s Scoundrels Official Site

Great News!!! ABC has launched the official website for “Scoundrels” with some features. They released a character section photo, a discuss forum, videos and more!!Pay a visit to the site at

Scoundrels will be premiering next June 20 at 9|8c!

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Virginia teams up with Express Kindness Campaign

Virginia has teamed up with Botox and drug maker Allergan, Inc. to deliver up to $250,000 to three deserving charities in a campaign called “BOTOX Cosmetic My Expressions of Kindness.”

Fill out a profile at, and $25 will be sent to your choice of three charities: Make It Right, Dress for Success or Children’s Action Network.

Tweet from Virginia about british actress Lynn Redgrave

The week started off on a sad note as news surfaced of actress Lynn Redgrave’s death after a seven-year battle with breast cancer. The talented Brit, 67, was the sister of actress Vanessa Redgrave and the aunt of actress Natasha Richardson who passed away last year from a skiing accident.

Virginia has publicly expressed her condolences to the family of british actress Lynn Redgrave on her Twitter account.

@madlyv Brava Lynn Redgrave. U shall be as celebrated as u r missed!

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Virginia on Growing Bolder Radio Show

On April 3rd Virginia taped an interview for Growing Bolder Radio Show to promote the documentary I Know a Woman Like That. Click here to stream!

Virginia Madsen is one of our most beloved, and stunning, actresses, but she’s much more beautiful on the inside. With her dynamic and Emmy Award-winning mother at her side, she’s produced a documentary that celebrates extraordinary women over the age of 65. Virginia says the film has not only erased any fears she may have once had about aging, it’s made her excited for the next, liberating chapters in her life.

Ability Magazine Interview

Virginia Madsen is a Golden Globe- and Academy Award-nominated actress known for her work in Sideways, The Astronaut Farmer, and The Number 23. Her mother, writer-director Elaine Madsen, has a wide range of creative projects on her list of achievements, including a new book of poetry and an Emmy Award for Outstanding Documentary. In their new collaboration, I Know a Woman Like That, the mother-daughter duo join forces to take a close look at grace, age, vitality, and what it means to be a woman. ABILITY Magazine’s Chet Cooper and Nancy Villere caught up with the Madsens to discuss this ambitious and personal project.

Chet Cooper: Your film does a nice job of making a viewer more aware of a relationship between women as they age and their degree of invisibility in society. And, in many ways, I see that parallel how we tend to address social understanding and awareness about disability.

Elaine Madsen: Oh, yeah, I think there’s an attitude towards age that treats it as a disability. But in reality, aging involves recognition of abilities you didn’t know that you had, abilities that you have to find within yourself in order to deal with society. Bookshelves are filled with titles about how to stay young, and telling us all that there’s something wrong with not being young. But the purpose of this film, I think, is to show that the experience of aging can be wonderful, if you don’t get sucked into that mentality.

Virginia Madsen: My mother’s level of activity, of productivity, was exactly why I thought a project like this would work. Originally, when we put the idea together, she had said, “I’m far too busy. I’m going to Holland, and then I’m going here and there and I’m writing my book.” But that’s really what it’s about. Continue reading Ability Magazine Interview