Virginia Madsen joins “Babylon Fields”

•• Virginia Madsen’s career will continue its own success (following recent appearances in shows like Witches Of East End) in Babylon Fields, a new undead-themed NBC pilot. According to TV Club editor Todd VanDerWerff, Babylon Fields is actually based on an unsold 2007 pilot for CBS, in which “The dead return to earth in an attempt to restore old wounds” (plot as listed on IMDB).

The current resurgence in zombie interest, kicked off in 2010 with AMC’s The Walking Dead, has brought new life to this pilot as well. Writer of the 2007 film, Gerald Cuesta, is back on board to expand his original effort, as is his brother Michael (Homeland, Dexter) to direct. (According to IMDB, Picket Fences star Kathy Baker was the biggest name in the 2007 pilot, which also lists such roles as “Dead Woman,” “Living Dead Man,” and “Lead Zombie.”)

Madsen plays the mother of a Center For Disease Control scientist that she tries to lure back to Babylon, N.Y., the place where zombies actually heal themselves (and their family issues, presumably), foretelling what might be the next step in human evolution.

The show will also feature Skeet Ulrich (familiar with small-town troubles from his turn in Jericho), in the dual role of a minister and his twin brother, a junkie who returns from the dead. Kyle Schmid will appear in the series as the CDC scientist, along with Deception’s Meagan Good, Luck’s Ritchie Coster, and Magic City’s Yul Vazquez, but they, like Madsen, only get to play one part.

Virginia Madsen’s secret to aging confidently!

•• Oscar-nominated actress Virginia Madsen should be the voice of my generation. At 52, she’s one of the rare actresses not afraid to admit her age and is proud of it.

She’s an inspiration to many women, especially those of us who think there’s no second chapter after 40.

Hello! Just spend 15 minutes chatting with this super confident actress and she’ll actually make you embrace (and look forward) to getting older. “I misfired so many times in my twenties, just trying to learn how to be me. And now, I’m really comfortable in my own skin. I am really comfortable with my own sexuality and I’m having much better sex than I ever did. So, I don’t want that to go away,” Virginia revealed to Healthy Hollywood.

I have to admit I get super self-conscious about being over 40 and feel like I’m somehow not as worthy or beautiful as someone younger. I hate to admit this, but it’s true. And, Virginia says she’s speaks to lots of young women who are scared to age. But, hopefully our generation is teaching women to embrace the aging process and to realize there’s always time to accomplish our dreams! Age is not a good excuse!

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Virginia Madsen talks empowering women!!

•• Award-winning actress Virginia Madsen joins HuffPost Live to empower women to embrace their transitional years, take charge of their sex lives and of course give us the scoop on her latest projects!

Monsters show up at Aldo Lamberti

•• Actors who appeared last weekend at Monster Mania Con 27 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cherry Hill decided to eat locally. On Thursday, that was indeed Freddy Krueger – aka Robert Englund – tucking into wild mushroom risotto, Dover sole and pork chop Milanese at Caffe Aldo Lamberti with his wife, Nancy Booth, and another guest.

At lunch Friday, Caffe Aldo Lamberti served Virginia Madsen and fellow Candyman star Rusty Schwimmer. They had the crab cocktail, Alaskan king crab legs. and wine. Madsen and Schwimmer, with a third guest, also ate at Aldo Lamberti Saturday night.

Also on Saturday, Chad L. Coleman (Tyreese on The Walking Dead) joined his family at Aldo Lamberti for  Alaskan king crab legs, grilled octopus, rib-eye steak, grilled grouper and crème brulee. Some members of The Walking Dead film crew also dined separately on Saturday.

SXSW 2014: Virginia Madsen On “The Wilderness of James” & dancing with Oscar winners at Madonna’s Afterparty

•• Virginia Madsen’s latest film, The Wilderness of James, is a coming-of-age story about an isolated mother and a withdrawn teenage son still struggling to cope with  as Madsen aptly describes it — the “wreckage” left behind by the family patriarch’s suicide years earlier. She stars opposite 17-year-old Kodi Smit-McPhee (The Road, Let Me In), and Danny Devito.

Austinist spoke with Madsen the morning after the 2014 Academy Awards: right on time to hear a mixture of fresh and fuzzy memories from Madonna’s extravagant and star-studded afterparty.

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SXSW 2014 Interview: Virginia Madsen on “The Wilderness of James”

•• The Wilderness of James stars Kodi Smit-McPhee as James, a teenager coming of age on the streets of Portland with the new teenage crowd in with which he falls. Madsen plays his widowed mother Abigail, trying to comfort and support her son, but of course we all know how teenagers are. The film, the debut from writer/director Michael James Johnson, premieres Sunday in Austin.

CraveOnline: Are you an Academy member?

Virginia Madsen: I am. This year though I didn’t go, because I just got back from a job and I wanted to lay low. It takes a lot of preparation to go to that red carpet and I didn’t have time to do the gown and all that stuff. I did go out and I did party ‘til seven o’clock in the morning.

Wow, which party did you go to?

I only go to one. I go to Madonna’s party every year. It was really insane.

Did you vote on the awards this year?

Yes, I did and I was very happy that most of my choices one. The toughest vote is always for the actresses and the Best Picture. I was really bummed out for Martin Scorsese but when you break it down and you look at each individual award, he was up against some really intense competition, especially in editing because I really love that movie but I think his competition was just too heavy when it came to the editing and the directing.

It was even split between Best Director and Best Picture.

It was, it was tough and I was just a big fan of all the movies, so it was very hard to choose. I was happy to see all the people that made it to the big dance. It’s a long, long road to get there. I think everybody’s favorite though had to be Lupita. Lupita Nyong’o I think was the princess of the evening and she was crowned queen by the end of the night. I saw her later at the party and she had changed from that beautiful, beautiful blue gown into this skin tight white dress that just went all the way down to a little train. Oh my God, she was so stunning. Everyone was so happy for her. Continue reading SXSW 2014 Interview: Virginia Madsen on “The Wilderness of James”