Virginia Madsen attends SAG Foundation 30th Anniversary Celebration

•• Virginia Madsen attended the Screen Actors Guild Foundation 30th Anniversary Celebration at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on November 5 in Beverly Hills. Pictures from the event can be found in the photo gallery, enjoy.

Events2015_SAGFund30th-21.jpg Events2015_SAGFund30th-7.jpg Events2015_SAGFund30th-22.jpg Events2015_SAGFund30th-16.jpg

2 Comments on “Virginia Madsen attends SAG Foundation 30th Anniversary Celebration”

  1. Ms. Madsen,
    I saw your comments on the Marion Davies DVD “The True Story of Marion Davies”. Just want to say I agree that she was really a great star. I have all but one of her talking pictures and hope to start into finding her silents which will probably be a bit harder. I have been working on this for several years. Also have her bio by Lawrence Guiles.
    Jack Werner
    Ann Arbor, MI.

  2. i was just telling my wife whose name is Virginia that years ago when when we met, i always related her name to you. best wishes

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